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Stainless Steel Surface Finish

Dull/Brush Polish Finish Example

Steel Surface Polish

Bright Polish Finish Example

Circle Surface Finish

Circle Polish Finish Example

Stainless Steel Surface Finish Definitions

Embossed Finish Example

Stainless steel surface finishes are covered by broad definitions within EN10088-2 table 6: Care is needed to understand and agree the finish you require, because different finishes from different suppliers vary greatly in appearance, quality and resistance to staining in adverse environments.

Special Finishes

Abbreviation: 2G
Finishing Process Route: Ground
Notes: A unidirectional texture, not very reflective. Covers the old 3A finish
Typical (Ra) micron: – greater than 1.0

Abbreviation: 2J
Finishing Process Route: Brushed or dull polished
Notes: Smoother than “G” with a unidirectional texture, not very reflective. Typically 120 – 180 grit, 3B or 4 finish in old terms, generally produced with an Aluminium Oxide belt. The surface roughness will depend on the grit of the belt used and its wear.
Typical (Ra) micron: 0.2-1.0

Abbreviation: 2K
Finishing Process Route: Satin polished
Notes: Smoothest of the special non-reflective finishes with corrosion resistance suitable for most external applications and more reflective. Typically a 240 – 320 grit achieved by using a Silicon polishing belt, with or without lubricants.
Typical (Ra) micron: less than0.5

Abbreviation: 2P
Finishing Process Route: Bright polished
Notes: Mechanically polished reflective finish. Can be a mirror finish, depending on the quality of the material substrate. Test samples recommended. Usually produced with oscillating mops.
Typical (Ra) micron: less than 0.1

Abbreviation: 2F
Finishing Process Route: Cold rolled, heat treated, skin passed on roughened rolls
Notes: Uniform non-reflective matt surface, can be based on either 2B or 2R mill finishes

Abbreviation: 2M
Finishing Process Route: Patterned
Notes: Applied to ex-mill finishes. One side patterned only.

Abbreviation: 2L
Finishing Process Route: Coloured
Notes: Applied to flat (2R (BA), 2P or 2K type fishes) in a range of colours. The colours are created by chemical treatment to vary the thickness of the chrome oxide film from .02 microns to .36 microns. Light interference through the film can produce an intense range of colours, depending on quality of underlying surface, in a range of Bronze, gold, red, purple, blue, green

Please see Care and effect of Polishing Stainless surfaces for more explanation