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Stainless International can apply a protective coating to your Stainless Sheet to protect the surface during storage and fabrication.

We offer a range of coatings, with varying thickness and adhesive (tac) levels.

Clear Blue; White with Blue line; Black;   Other colours available on request.

The choice depends on your protective requirement:
If the coating is to be in place for a length of time, then it is advisable to choose a low tac level and a coating (e.g. black), which is impermeable to UV light which can cause bonding of the adhesive to the metal surface.

Thicker coatings offer more protection in heavier fabrication work. Standard thicknesses are 50 micron, 80 micron and 100 micron

‘Laser quality’ and Fibre-optic coatings offer a solution to the need to maintain robust and reliable protection during the process of Laser Cutting.

Different coatings can be used which can act as a lubricant for presswork.

Coatings can be marked with lines or arrows to indicate direction of polish grain, with cast numbers for lot traceability, or any other identification required (quantity dependent).

Stainless International have the expertise to help you choose a suitable coating for your requirements.