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Specialists in Stainless Steel Coil, in all widths, grades and sizes.

Stainless International has an extensive knowledge of Suppliers worldwide and can match their strengths to individual customer demands.

We have a deep understanding of the end-user market segments for Stainless Steel Coil and the grades required for different applications:

Stainless Steel Coil Produced To Size

Stainless Steel Coil in standard Austenitic Grades (300 series), Manganese Austenitic (200 series), Ferritic and Martensitic (400 series).

Austenitic Special grades for particularly demanding environments or exceptional temperature conditions, and Duplex grades for applications where higher strength is required.

A Stainless Steel grade is available to optimise the life-cycle/cost equation for almost every corrosive condition, mechanical property or operating temperature.

Stainless Steel Wide Coil and Stainless Steel Narrow Coil can be produced to size in mill quantities, or precision slit using our in-house facilities.

A full range of Stainless Steel Coil processing services: Cut-to Length; Sheet Polishing; Protective Coating; Shearing: Smaller Coil quantities and sizes can be produced by Precision Slitting; Blanking and Circling.

Our people all have extensive experience and knowledge of Stainless Steel Coil, coupled with a customer service culture.