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Stainless International now offer Stainless Steel Traverse Wound Precision Slit Coils

Stainless International Ltd, in association with Norder Band AG, has machinery that can traverse wind up to 20 coil spools in parallel, each weighing up to 2000 Kgs.

Traverse winding is the process of oscillated winding of strip, onto spools. The strips are flash butt welded and dressed to provide a continuous coil feed. Each lap winds alongside the previous lap. When completed correctly, the winding looks like a solid symmetrical wider coil.

This alternative to traditional single lap coils, or ‘pancake’ coils offers significant production benefits to customers.

Coils are butt welded and dressed before the slitting process, unlike traditional methods where strands are welded individually. The quality of the weld is so good that in most cases production can continue at the weld point, maintaining production speed.

 Longer continuous production flow
 Improved productivity through additional running metres.
 Simple de-coiling
 Safer handling of coils

Loading one traverse wound spool, with up to 10 x the meterage of a single lap coil, may result in 100% production efficiency gains for metal stamping and section rolling lines, when allowing for coil changeover times, handling cost and opportunity cost for a machine.

We can offer traverse wound precision slit coils for strip widths from 3mm to 60mm.

Minimum lot size of 1 spool is 500kg and max weight is 2000kg or Coil O/D 1000mm

Pack widths can be 200/300/400mm

Coil I/D 406mm or 508mm

For some width thickness ratios (e.g. 2x10mm), spools with wooden sidewalls can be provided.

Please discuss your needs with us at Stainless International Ltd and we can evaluate your supply options together.