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Introducing a new partnership with Norder Band AG

Stainless International has an exclusive agreement with Norder Band AG to represent them in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Norder Band AG are one of the major Stainless Steel Coil processors in Europe, based in North West Germany. The location offers a short and frequent logistics link to the UK.

Norder Band AG has advanced and innovative precision coil processing capabilities, not available in the UK, offering advantages of close tolerance slit coils from 4.00mm down to 0.10 mm and width down to 3.00mm. Large coils can be supplied with ID’s to suit customers needs.

Traverse winding is a speciality, with machines that can wind up to 20 spools in parallel and spooled coils up to 2 tonnes. Traverse winding offers customers a continuous production flow and increased productivity through the additional running metres.

Customers needs are carefully evaluated to enable us to offer the most efficient supply solution.

What this means: Benefits for customers and potential customers of Stainless International Ltd.

Norder Band AG supply over 60,000 tonnes annually within Europe and their capacity and stocks are available to Stainless International customers.

We can offer close tolerance precision slitting of large coils.

Larger Coil weights, tight wound and straight edge.

Traverse winding of precision slit coils, or one-layer winding

Precision Blanking

Grinding and brushing of surfaces.

Surface protection: Paper interleaving, deep-drawing and protective plastic films.

Edge finishing: Flat rolled; fully round; sharp rolled

Packing a speciality. Labelling: laser ink printing according to customer’s specification.

Flat bar is offered from 0.5 – 10mm thick, widths from 10 – 280mm and lengths 500 – 10000mm

Dedicated logistics link Friedland, North Germany and Great Bridge, West Midlands, UK, within 48hrs and direct delivery to customers can be arranged.