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We offer Stainless Steel in different coloured finishes to give a high quality surface appearance, which allows architects and designers to transform buildings and equipment. Supplied in grades 1.4301 (304), and 1.4401 (316).

Stainless Steel coloured surfaces are produced by varying the thickness of the chrome oxide surface film of stainless steel, by treatment with a chemical process and then hardening by an electrolytic process. This layer is given colour by light interference, depending on the thickness of the film created.

The colours can be intense, depending on the underlying surface; the most vivid obtained from a bright polished surface. These products and finishes can be seen in a variety of typical applications, ranging through Architectural applications; Lifts & Escalators; Interior design and domestic fittings; Signs and Catering Equipment.

Colours offered: Stainless International offer an array of rich and luxuriant colours:  ‘Mirror’, ‘Gold’, ‘Copper’, ‘Smoke’, ‘Brass’, ‘Rose Gold’

Maintenance: Colours are permanent and require no restoration. Cleaning takes little effort and can be done using a soft cloth and a glass cleaner. Externally, rainwater provides adequate cleaning, unless the product is situated in a marine, or otherwise aggressive environment. The finish can outperform other surfaces, and is not generally subject to oxidation; does not discolour or tarnish; doesn’t peel or crack.

Workability: Coloured Stainless Steel can be fabricated by all processes. However tools used should be ‘Stainless Steel only’ to avoid carbon steel contamination. Standard techniques can be used such as brazing or bonding, however coloured stainless cannot be welded as this will destroy the coloured surface in the welded area.

If you are inspired by the idea of using coloured stainless steel, then please contact us for more information.