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Coil Calculator App. from Stainless International Ltd

Stainless International has developed and built CoilCalc, a Coil Calculator App. for iphone and Android smartphones.

CoilCalc is a simple, fast and accurate tool, to calculate metal yield from Coils and the Coil dimensions you need to optimise production and add value to your business. It enables mobile working for your production planning.
A superb tool, which you can use for team training also!

The CoilCalc enables you to:
•  Select metal type, from Stainless Steel 300 series; 400 series; Aluminium; Carbon Steel; Galvanised Steel.
•  Calculate Coil weight from strip dimensions including variable coil O/D and I/D
•  Calculate Coil O/D from weights and strip dimensions
•  Calculate Coil Yield in metres
•  Calculate Blank quantities and weights
•  Calculate Scrap % yield loss

CoilCalc is available in Apple and Android and can be found in the Apple iTunes Apps Store and Google Play for Android Apps.

Just search for CoilCalc. The App is in the productivity section.

Stainless International continue to innovate, to offer solutions that support customers to find new efficiencies and take cost out of their Supply Chain.

For more information about CoilCalc contact Stainless International Ltd. on info@stainlessinternational.com, or just call +44 (0) 121 522 3111

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