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Coil Calculator App. from Stainless International Ltd

Stainless International has developed and built CoilCalc™, a Coil Calculator App. for iphone and Android smartphones. CoilCalc™ is a simple, fast and accurate tool, to calculate metal yield from Coils and the Coil dimensions you need to optimise production and [...]

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A new vehicle added to the Stainless International fleet….

Stainless International is delighted to announce the addition of a new vehicle to the fleet, provided by Pallet Pro. A new DAF, 26t gross, 6-wheel curtain-sided truck has been purchased for exclusive use by Stainless International Ltd. Carry capacity is [...]

By | 2016-02-25T10:18:48+00:00 February 21st, 2016|Stainless International news|

Introducing a new partnership with Norder Band AG!

Stainless International has made an exclusive agreement with Norder Band AG to represent them in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Norder Band AG are one of the major Stainless Steel Coil processors in Europe, based in North West [...]

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